How can I activate Baby Sleep Analytics on the Halo?

In order to activate the Sleep Activity feature of your Halo device please follow the below steps:

1. Make sure Halo is in Dock Mode.
2. Open Hubble Connected for Motorola app.
3. Under the dashboard/camera view you will see an option called ‘Sleep data’.
4. Please toggle it (blue eye option) to enable this feature.

This feature activates automatically when it detects the baby and it stops again when the baby is no longer there. On the camera view it is indicated: Bed Time Activity started / Bed Time Activity ended.
Tapping on the > icon from the dashboard or camera view you go to the graph. You can view data per day or per week. Or you can search on a specific date.

Viewing data can be done both in desk and dock mode.

The activity graph shows intervals of 5 minutes. In other words, you see a vertical bar line (green or blue) or a motion bubble for every 5 minutes if there is activity.

The bubbles represent one or more sleep activity events (which can also be found in the Event History as well). Tapping a bubble you will be able to see either a motion snapshot (in a case if you are not subscribed to any of the subscription plans) or a sleep activity event corresponding with that 5 minutes interval. If there are multiple sleep activity events present per bubble then the app indicates “multiple” sleep activity events.

Tapping on a bubble that represents one sleep activity event only, or tapping on a specific event, the event enlarges. If it’s a video, it can be played. 

The activity graph is shown based on the current membership plan. For instance, if you subscribed to one of our plans and have Motion Video Recording set to Cloud (under sensor settings), the circle will show bedtime videos from the past 5 days (Lite) / 14 days (Essentials) / 30 days (Select).

Actualizado en mayo 27, 2022

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