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How can I find the MAC address of my camera?

Each camera comes with its unique MAC address. When you or your company uses what is called MAC filtering (defining a list of devices and allowing only those identified devices on your Wi-Fi network), knowing the MAC address allows you to white-list your camera which permits you to complete setup.

Currently, the MAC address is not printed on the product label of your camera. Below we give you three options on how to find it:

1. Temporarily change the configuration of your router to disable MAC filtering. In general, this setting can be found under Advanced Settings > Admin > Connected devices.

Important: Only change router settings if you are authorized to do so. Also, be aware that these changes affect your network and network security. 

Once the setup of your camera is completed you can look up the MAC address, then change your router configuration back again and white-list your Hubble Connected for Motorola camera now you know its MAC address. 

This is how you look up your MAC address when you’ve set up your camera:

  • Tap the gear icon of the camera of which you need the MAC address
  • Tap “Camera Details”
  • The MAC Address is listed here. It is a number like 00:0A:E2:20:F5:84.

2. Complete setup on a different network without MAC filtering and look up the MAC address of your camera following the above steps.

The next step is a hard reset of your camera, which wipes out the password of the guest router and allows you to connect it to your own router. Follow these steps to reset your camera (reset steps depend on your camera model):

  • Hold down the “Pair” button
  • Whilst the “Pair” button is held, turn off the camera
  • Turn it back on, whilst still holding down the “Pair” button and wait until you hear a ‘beep’
  • Now you can add your camera to your own router, identifying the camera using the MAC address you looked up earlier.

3. Look up the MAC address of your camera using Fing – a free network scanning app – following the below steps:

  • Plug your camera in near your router and make sure it is on.
  • After more or less 30 seconds press the “Pair” button. You will hear a beep tone (and a voice “Ready for paring”) from the camera.
  • Wait another 30 seconds and look at the list of all WiFi networks available on your phone. (You may need to re-scan for networks).
  • Choose the WiFi network labeled “CameraHD”.
  • Open the Hubble Connected app and tap on + button.
  • Once you have found your camera it will ask you which network to use to access WiFi. Please make sure not to use an open network (that is, one without the need of a password) or a WEP encrypted network. Neither of these will work. 
  • (If for whatever reason the camera does not connect, reset your router and turn off the camera. Start at step 2 and try all steps again.)
  • Now use the Fing app to see a list of all the devices connected to the network including the MAC address. The default name is always the ‘CameraHD-‘ followed by some numbers.
Actualizado en mayo 27, 2022

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