Which features are free and which are paid?

The following services are FREE with the Hubble Connected for Motorola app: 

  • Streaming vidéo en direct gratuit; 
  • Instantanés de mouvement
  • Motion, Sound, and Temperature notifications* for the previous 24-hours on your camera timeline; 
  • Suivi de la croissance et du développement du bébé; 
  • Conseils et vidéos d'experts sur le sommeil; 
  • Berceuses; 
  • Enregistrement vidéo manuel et instantanés de mouvement manuels; 
  • Expert Sleep Advice and Baby Development Tracker. 

The below services included in the paid subscription plans are:

  • 5, 14, or 30 days of motion-activated video storage in our secure cloud for up to 15 connected cameras (The number of cameras depends on the chosen plan). 
  • Video Sleep Diary – A single video summary of all your motion-activated video clips for the previous day/night. View all the activity in and around your house, and see how well your baby slept, or why they woke up. 
  • SmartZone** – Set a custom area within your camera’s field of view for motion-activated video capture and notifications eg. a side entrance or your baby’s cot. 

For more information about our subscription plans: https://hubbleconnected.com/pages/hubble-for-motorola-monitors

* Les notifications sonores et de température dépendent du modèle de la caméra que vous possédez. 

** SmartZone is currently only available on the following cameras: MBP854connect, MBP85connect, MBP855connect, MBP845connect, MBP853connect, MBP667connect, Focus85, Focus89, Focus71, Ease44, Focus68, Focus72, MBP67connect, MBP88connect.

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