How can I create a BabyZone?

The BabyZone is a feature that allows you to define a specific area of the camera view within which motion is detected and recorded. Everything outside it is ignored. 

You start by defining the BabyZone: When viewing the video stream of your camera, tap on the blue icon within the streaming area and then define your SmartZone: it is the area within the green lines. 

Once the BabyZone is marked you can activate it under Camera Notifications Settings.

Other settings are Enter Event and Exit Event: Activating those options you limit the motion detection even further to only those objects and persons that enter or leave the BabyZone. 

  • Enter Event: When activating Enter Event all that the camera detects are objects or persons entering the BabyZone.
    Exit Event: When activating Exit Event all that the camera detects are objects or persons leaving the BabyZone. 

You can choose to activate only Enter Event, only Exit Event or both. 

Note: using a HubbleClub plan, you can set up only 1 Baby Zone for a lifetime. You can not change it then, only disable or enable back.

If you have a HubbleClub Premium plan you can change the baby zones unlimited times.

Updated on December 3, 2021

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