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I am getting ‘Error Connecting’ message. What should I do?

The ‘Error Connecting’ is displayed when the app failed to load the video stream three times in a row. The most likely reasons are listed:

  1. The camera isn’t powered up. Please make sure to check the camera is powered on (or if your camera goes with the battery, the battery is charged) and that the power connection is good.
  2. The network the camera is connected to OR the network your mobile device is connected to is weak (or dipped). Please run the speed test at  http://www.speedtest.net/ and check the upload speed. Note that it should be not less than 0.6mbps per one connected Hubble Connected camera.

You may also try to reboot the by unplugging it for 2-5 minutes and then plugging it back, leave it plugged in and turned on for 1-2 minutes, and check the streaming again.

If the above steps did not help, please contact customer support at support@hubbleconnected.com and we will be glad to check the issue further and assist.

Updated on May 26, 2022

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