How much do the Hubble Connected for Motorola plans cost?

Hubble Connected for Motorola plans allow you to view, save and download the past 5, 14, or 30 days of motion-activated video-recordings, view a daily video summary of all the clips from the previous day as well as additional features and functionalities. 

To check the pricing and functions for your location, visit

If you would prefer not to subscribe, our freemium plan includes the following features: 

  • Free live video streaming
  • Motion snapshots
  • Motion, Sound* and Temperature* notifications for the previous 24-hours on your camera timeline 
  • Baby Growth & Development Tracker
  • Expert Sleep Tips & Videos
  • Lullabies, etc. 

*Note: Sound and temperature notifications are dependent on the camera model you have.

Actualizado en mayo 26, 2022

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