What activities can I track using Hubble Skill?

We always strive to make Hubble Connected for Motorola app more versatile and easier. With the Hubble Skill, you can now control and track more with your voice. 

Below are the options that you can use with Hubble Skill:

Get device temperature (only for models that have thermometer)
Enable/Disable Motion detection
Enable/Disable Motion recording (only for customers that are either on a free trial or subscribed to one of our membership plans);
Play/Stop lullaby (only on supported models);
Daily Summary (only for customers that have Essentials or Select membership plans);
Turn ON/OFF projector (for Halo camera only);
Turn ON/OFF light night (for Halo camera only);
Change colour of night light (for Halo camera only).

Please note that for Hubble Skill the invocation name ‘Hubble’ is mandatory. After saying “Alexa”, you must use the invocation name “Hubble” before the command. For example, “Alexa, ask Hubble to enable motion detection”


  • The name of the device is not required in the command if the account has only one device.
  • Hubble Alexa skill works better when the device has a name. For example, like hall, living, kitchen, bedroom, nursery, laundry room, Jane’s room, etc.
Updated on May 27, 2022

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