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What is the significance of the LED on my camera?

Blue LED: 

When using the app the LED behavior is as follows: 

  • The blue solid LED indicates your camera is connected.
  • The blue LED blinking indicates the camera is being viewed using either the mobile app (provided that you have enabled ‘LED indication during streaming’ setting in the app settings). As soon as you stopped viewing the streaming using the mobile, it stops blinking.
  • If you deactivate ‘LED indication during streaming’ and then view live streaming, the LED on the camera should be steady blue.
  • LED should be steady blue if you close the app and view the camera only on the parent unit (if you have a parent unit) even if  ‘LED indication during streaming’ is enabled.

Please note that not all camera models have ‘LED indication during streaming’ option.

Red LED, slowly flashing:

  • During setup, the LED starts to blink after a long press and hold of the ‘Pair’ button.
  • After setup, the red blinking LED indicates that the camera is not connected, either because it is not connected to the router or it is connected to the router but not yet to the Internet or Hubble servers. Do a hard reset and register the camera to get the camera connected again.

Red and Blue LED, slowly flashing:

  • During setup, after the long press and hold of the ‘Pair’ button and tapping ‘Continue’, indicating that the camera is in setup state. You can see it listed under the Wi-Fi settings of your mobile device.
  • When removing the camera and you do a hard reset the red and blue LEDs alternate more slowly.
Actualizado en mayo 27, 2022

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